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Jon Stewart is hosting Ron Paul. What will he ask him?

Jon Stewart has accused the media of unfairly ignoring GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul – and now the host of "The Daily Show” is putting his airtime where his mouth is. The inevitable meet-up is occurring: Stewart will host Rep. Paul on his Monday show.

What’s Stewart going to ask him? We think a couple of questions are dead locks. First, Stewart’s mentioned several times Paul’s contention that a border fence with Mexico might be used to keep Americans in, as well as illegal immigrants out. Don’t be surprised if Stewart tries to figure out what the heck Paul means by that. We can hear it already: “So congressman, you’re saying that US workers might flee south for jobs in the booming Latin American lawn care sector?”

Second, health care’s likely to come up. That’s because during the CNN/Tea Party GOP debate on Sept. 12, Wolf Blitzer asked Paul whether a critically ill young person without health insurance should just go untreated, and several audience members shouted out “yes.” Paul’s own response seemed to emphasize charities, but he didn’t really complete the thought. Maybe Stewart will ask him to explain.

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Ok, in his TV program, Jon Stewart will give Ron Paul COVERAGE that the Media refuses to give. Feel better? I doubt it. It could be worse than when the Media IGNORES RP once Stewart asks those embarrassing questions that put RP in public ridicule even more.

Anyway, lambasting Media for ignoring Ron Paul is beating a dead horse. Go to

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