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While You Still Can

How can any American -- much less any American Jew -- view the mob lunacy that recently ravaged London and other cities and not contemplate the possibility of similar chaos on our own shores? Armed with the knowledge that Londoners would be universally disarmed by England’s "enlightened" "gun control" laws, rioters plundered and pillaged orgiastically while timid citizens cowered in hiding. This was the same nation that faced Adolph Hitler and the Nazi German war machine with heartrending courage? The video footage of this "new Britain" is horrifying, appalling, and shameful.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Anglo/European style "gun control" is the model that our social engineers, nanny state politicians, liberal elites, and authoritarian high-brows wish upon us. It is their not-so-hidden agenda. Some may try to dissuade us from spotting this agenda by throwing around comforting banalities like "reasonable", "responsible" and "common sense", but more and more Americans are learning to ignore their words and watch their actions. Obama even warned us to watch for such duplicity: "Under the radar" as he described it.

While the grass-roots so-called "gun lobby" applies counter pressure with whatever direction and force we can morally and financially muster, the authoritarian collectivists and cultural Marxists are funded by at least two BILLIONAIRES, George Soros and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

So, with an understanding that America is likely headed towards more, not less, troubled times, and the parallel understanding that a controlling faction of our political and bureaucratic upper crust wants us disarmed, what is the average American citizen to do?

It cannot be more obvious: Buy more guns and more ammunition WHILE YOU STILL CAN.


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