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Might As Well Vote for Obama - by L. Neil Smith

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Grin and Bear It was the name of a Sunday comic strip I loved. Its writer/artist went by the name George Lichty. When I was a kid, he did one I've always remembered. In Stalinist Russia, two bureaucrats with star-shaped "Hero" medals on their chests stand either side of an office safe with a broken door. One of the two is lamenting, "Is terrible news, Comrade! Someone is stealing results of next week's election!"

Welcome to 21st century America.


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Comment by Ed Price
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While L. Neil Smith is refreshing with his Stalinist Russian humor, he is way off base in other areas. One of these areas is the Theory of Evolution.

Smith says, 'For what it's worth, a person doesn't "believe" in evolution, any more than he "believes" in gravity; it's just there, an aspect of objective reality, regardless of whatever he chooses to believe, and he ignores it at his peril.' But Smith, like most evolutionists, ignores the basic fundamental supposition regarding natural selection, the truth that pure randomness does not exist.

In all of the operations of nature that we see in existence around us, nothing ever happens randomly. Everything happens as the result of something else that caused it to happen. All scientific observation bears this out. In fact, the more a person becomes a scientist, the more he delves into the causes, the reasons, the forces behind every operation in nature. Nothing happens by accident. Everything happens as a result of the thing (or multitude of things) that made it happen.

When we say that something happened by random chance, what we are really saying is that we don't know the reason why it happened. Probability is a method that we use to attempt to determine an outcome when we don't have enough of the causative facts to KNOW what the outcome will be. When we say "random" or "probability" what we are really saying is that we don't know, and, maybe, that we are making an "educated guess."

Since the idea or "theory" of evolution is based on randomness and probability, and since it is something that allegedly started in such an extremely distant past that nobody could ever hope to know all the causes that might be behind it, there is absolutely NO knowledge that evolution exists anywhere except in the minds of those who believe that it does.

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