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In GOP Race, Romney, Perry, Paul Are the Money Men

WASHINGTON (AP) - Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Ron Paul have banked millions, but the rest of the Republican presidential hopefuls are struggling or broke four months before the first nominating contests take place.

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Comment by Sam Weathersby
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Romney & Perry are both CINOs. Romney is a huge two face as well. Perry has his governor executive order for vaccinations, Mitt has 0bmney  Care.

What does Ron Paul have? A 30+ year  PRO-Constitution voting record. Ron has constancy & integrity going for him. Ron has been on the same tack for those 30+ years, never waffling or backing down on his stands on the issues. 

It would be very interesting to find out who gives candidates their donations. 


Here some info on--


Perry was Democrat :

Ron Paul:

Even IF IF IF, Perry & Romney have changed their ways, can we take a chance on them? I say NO WAY!!!
They both have so many skeletons stored away that their pasts make them UQ's. Unknown Quantities. We know that POTUS & other candidates lie to get elected. Bush did, using issue positions held by Ron Paul. We  now know Bush lied. I am very sure that Perry & Romney have & will say anything to get elected. Both would take over from where 0 left off if 0 is defeated. 0 took over from where Bush left off. Bush took over from where Clinton left off...Clinton took over...on & on they cycle goes.

Ron Paul would break the cycle. That's why he is really the most feared candidate by the status quo big govt supporters of both 'parties'. The only one we know that has a long stand VERIFIABLE consistent voting record & unchanging views on the issues is Ron Paul. Ron is a VKQ. Verifiable Known Quantity.

Tim Pawlenty is a war hawk who is very uneducated about the consequences of our long time interventionist meddling in the Middle East & the resulting blowback. At YouTube look up ' Did Blowback Cause 9-11 by the Southern Avenge. ' Tim did take on 0's wars & touched the 0 foreign policy, but Tim advocated the same interventionism saying we just need to be stronger.

Newt is a CFR member. Look up CFR Membership Roll, under 'G'.

Bachmann & Cain are also UQ's. . Bachmann takes govt $ & voted to extend the 'Patriot' Act. Cain was against auditing the privately owned 'Fed' before he was for it. Herman was also a 'Fed' bank chairman. How do you get such a high post in the 'Fed' & not be one of them? I am not sure we can gamble with those who have Questionable records & flip flops. Ron Paul has neither.





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