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Internet trolls, anonymity and The First Amendment

• Washington Times
Anonymity has become counterproductive and even damaging. If you’re willing to stand up and render a public opinion, you should reveal your identity. The time has come to limit the ability of people to remain anonymous.

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Comment by James Eldridge
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I have made my comments in many different places putting my real name out there for people to see. Truly it was those that did not do that, that attacked my comments and called me every name in the book. The only thing that ever stopped me from commenting in some areas were the moderator/censors that have now banned me from ever commenting on those site for ever, because they know my IP.

Just the other day a friend called me and let me know that he now sees something I had brought to his attention when he lived in my neighborhood. He wanted to be blind by following the main stream churches and words out of the scriptures, but when I pointed out to him that the Jews in Israel were not all descendants from the true tribes spoken about in the bible, it took him over a year to see what I was talking about. We could have ended our friendship over the matter. I was not going to change what I had pointed out. Saying the same things that I had told him have gotten me banned from commenting in popular areas. The truth hurts a lot of people's belief systems and makes it hard for them to change their views without discomfort. I won't mind putting my real name on anything that I say. The government already has their ways of knowing your IP when you speak out against them, so what does it matter to hide behind a different name. Now we have the FEDS wanting to find out who is talking about them and the things that are being said against them. Who owns the federal reserve? Jewish bankers in foreign countries. It does not matter that I say that here. I have already said it many times in other places, so I know that my name is in that black book of theirs. That number behind my name is a large number, me not being on the top of their list. The lower your number the greater the risk they believe you to be to their desire to take full control over the world's population. If everyone were to have to give their full name, then only those that are out there already telling the truth will be ones getting the messages across to a needy public.

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