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Twin Tower Catastrophic Failure Finally Explained

• arclein
"Both scientific experiments and 250 reported disasters suffered by the aluminium industry have shown that the combination of molten aluminium and water releases enormous explosions," says Simensen.

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Comment by Anonymous
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More scientific "explanation" is needed ...

If this is the scientific "explanation" of the "truth" of what actually happened in 911or why and how the Twin Towers collapsed, not because of the terrorists' hijacked airlines that torpedoed one building and then some 15 minutes later rammed another, won't it be interesting to read another scientific "explanation" of the "truth" why the crow is black and not white?

For instance, what degree of "heat" did it turn crows to black ... that might be of SCIENTIFIC INTEREST to bird scientists as well as to the American public to know!

There is at least a "theory" "truthers" have [never run out these!] that can be passed to the public as the "truth" about black crows -- about some frightening scarecrows, if you may who are conspiring to create the "truth" that in 911 it was some Americans who planned to kill about six thousands of their fellowmen in Ground Zero -- not those Qaeda terrorists they believed were INNOCENT! This is more horrifying to learn about 911 – to know that some Americans would kill again thousands of fellow-Americans – for what? Make that the "explanation" title of the story.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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1.  Not a peer reviewed article, but a trade (aluminum) publication magazine.
2.  If you go to the original source publication try to find the article listed in the current (dedicated to the memory of 9/11) or last month's issue.  I can't find it.

3.  While an imaginative explanation for the explosions heard by both ear witness and recordings 30 tons of molten aluminum is not much compared to the enormous mass of either tower.  [and ignoring WTC7]

4.  Even conceding half free fall speed of each building, you cannot gt that much mass out of the way of a falling tower without uniformly converting it into dust and molten steel in almost an instant all at the same time.  Twice. 

That would require the fairly even molten aluminum distribution throughout the tower during the 60 or 90 minutes respectively of upper floor burning melting the aluminum.  NIST said temperatures never got above 451 degrees F.  The author posits buried cooking aluminum debris was able to raise the temp of ALL of the aluminum to three times this temp. melting and allowing it to EVENLY flow throughout the building and then detonate fairly simultaneously by cascading fire suppressant water. 

This accounts for the numerous explosions reported just before either building came down.  These explosions pulverized ALL of the concrete in the building and simultaneously melted ALL of the steel in the building within a matter seconds. Fortuitously neatly bringing BOTH towers down into their own footprints in BOTH similar manner AND in the manner of a controlled demolition.

That didn't happen.

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