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WI: No Right to Produce or Eat Food


In scary legal news a Wisconsin judge had gone completely loopy declaring that citizens have no right to produce or eat the foods of their own choice.

In response to a request from the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, the judge issued a clarification of his decision last week regarding his assessment of the constitutionality of food rights. The judge expanded on his original statement that such constitutional issues are “wholly without merit.”

He explained that the FTCLDF arguments were “extremely underdeveloped.” As an example, he said the plaintiffs’ use of the Roe v Wade abortion rights case as a precedent does “not explain why a woman’s right to have an abortion translates to a right to consume unpasteurized milk…This court is unwilling to declare that there is a fundamental right to consume the food of one’s choice without first being presented with significantly more developed arguments on both sides of the issue.” Gee, I thought they both had to do with the right to decide what to do with your own body.

As if to show how pissed he was at being questioned, he said his decision translates further that “no, Plaintiffs to not have a fundamental right to own and use a dairy cow or a dairy herd;

“no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow;”

And in a kind of exclamation point, he added this to his list of no-nos: “no, Plaintiffs do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice…”

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Comment by David Jackson
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   And people wonder why judges aren't trusted. This fool is obviously an imbecile, but he is a "powerful" imbecile. It would be laughable, if it wasn't so scary.

   Wisconsin has questionable taste in a number of things, but they really need to take a close look at who they are putting in charge of their "nuthouse".

    This is beyond belief. I, however, believe it, simpley because it is in line with my hypothesis regarding the "end of civilization".

     How does anyone deal with this kind of lunacy. You just can't reason with a fool or the people who "make him king".

Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

You have rights to do almost anything. But if you ask a court to authorize your rights, then you have just limited your rights to a judge's judgments.

If you sign an agreement with Government, you have just signed away some rights.

Now, if you understand the above, start studying the law to find out how to get out of some of the agreements. Or check to see if the agreements were really agreements with you personally, of if they were between a corporation or other entity and the Government. If it wasn't with you, move your personally owned property out from coexistence with corporate property.

For example. Your Social Security Number is not yours. It belongs to a Social Security account that is an entity - a person - and happens to have a name that is like yours. If you claim that the SSN is yours, and use it like it is yours with your birth date on paperwork rather than the date of the setting up of the SS account, then you have formed a partnership with the SS account, and you and the SS account are liable for each others debts, liabilities and loss of rights. You also own the account's property and it owns yours. So, you become subject to some loss of rights, because the SS account doesn't have any rights except those explicitly stated in SS law.

Look into making a legal split from the SS account.

Also, if the SSN is on your drivers license, the license has been issued to the SS account and not to you. Think about what this means, remembering that you have a partnership with the SS account.

Your birth certificate is a UCC-1 form. It is the creation of a Government entity. If you want to say that you are that entity by stating that the BC identifies you, then you are a creation of Government and they can treat you as they wish. Figure out how legally to make the split between the entity that your birth certificate created, and yourself.

Then, use all the entities as entities that you control, entities that contract with Government. Keep yourself free from Government. And make sure you own your property without it being co-owned by any of the Government entities. Set yourself free.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
Entered on:

 This is so far off the charts that it doesn't derserve a comment.

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