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America planned to invade Britain

• Lew Rockwell
Here is an interesting article on US contingency war plans against the British Empire in the early 1930s. However, the author poorly researched the political-economic background for this possible war. Although little known to the general public today, this is a topic of which I have been familiar with since the 1970s through the fascinating works of journalist Ludwell Denny.

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Comment by Anonymous
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A Scam Headline …

In my journalism class, I failed students who sensationalize scam headlines like this.

I remember one student who wrote a headline "He Planned To Murder The President …"

What he was referring to was the plan to murder the president of the American Automotive Association who betrayed the labor movement. It was purposely cut short … like a sudden withdrawal just right before reaching the climax. [It is YOUR responsibility if your imagination runs wild, i.e., thinking something lewd about it -- not mine …]

In the real world, this spuriousness headline would have created a shockwave that drops jaws to the floor, only for the public to discover that the readers had been taken for a ride.

By the way, I did not fail the student because of his deception and dishonesty – it was because of his short-mindedness, his tendency to always come out short of anything he puts his attention at, a mind so limited it cannot expand and grow and become responsible or trustworthy enough to face the challenge of journalism for honesty and integrity in publishing the truth.

In this headline you are looking at, here at right now – "America planned to invade Britain …" – Mr. Shorty headline-maker was referring to " US contingency war plans against the British Empire in the early 1930" … for heaven’s sake !!! And you think we should all rush down to our underground bunker because a nuclear war has been declared, and worst – between the world’s leading allies!

Did Mr. Shorty create a shockwave? Definitely, and at the same time created a lynching crowd eager to put a rope around his neck and hang him dead in a nearby tree.

If from now on you study all the headlines … you will discover to your surprise how journalism dropouts are having a good time in caponizing banner headings and bastardizing stories, to their nocturnal delight.



Comment by James Eldridge
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I would like very much to read all of the books mentioned. The cost of buying them puts that out of the question. Hopefully I might find them in the used book area of the city library.

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