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North Miami Beach: Threatening blog post traced to police computer

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North Miami Beach police are investigating a comment submitted to a local blog that encouraged criminals to go after two well-known citizen activists. The threat was posted using a police department computer.

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Comment by Anonymous
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JV, no need for me to prove that you are right. Where my mind is, you know you are there, where I am.

Comment by Anonymous
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Nice try, Bakadude, but you forgot something important. This guy named Larken Rose whom you described as a "guru of violence" also hates cops more than a condemned convict in the death row who is about to face his Maker, for hating and killing cops.

If you let this cop-killing preaching guy join them there in Miami, Florida, you will disturb the peace between rogue cops and criminals who live in perfect harmony. Once he opens his mouth preaching to them to shoot cops dead because according to him "only a dead cop is a good cop", you are back to criminals and cops shooting each other! Miami, Florida will no longer be the ideal place for them to live.

Prove to me that I am wrong. With your super intelligence that no one can deny, I am sure you can. I will be too damn excited to know if you can.

Comment by Anonymous
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Cop haters should live in Miami, Florida ...


According to this true-to-life comment, cop “haters” should live in Miami, Florida, the “drug capital of the Western World” . Cops and criminals are the same when they live there. They are neutral to each other – they are in their natural element!


In this extraordinary haven of drug dealers and out-of-town scoundrels and scambags from Castro’s nearby Cuba, there are no cops to berate cop “haters”, no police that would pepper spray them, or arrest them for their criminal activities or for any of their wrongdoing, no uniformed security officers that would drag them out of the meeting hall when the legislature or city council is in session while they photograph, video-taped and disrupt the proceedings. It’s really a great place where they deserved to be.


Perhaps now tired of “reporting” rogue cops relentlessly without fail, our hard-working staffer Powell Gammill, should also join them in Miami, Florida, for a well-deserved – if you will -- permanent vacation! Good for his emotional and mental health, according to this “insider” because the routine had started to tell on his nerves.  Well, there is no doubt about it -- you can tell if you watch what he “loves” to report, and how he posts it.




Comment by David Jackson
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    More "creative law enforcement".

    Being Miami, it's not to be unexpected. Of all the cities in Florida, Miami has to be the absolute worst. I couldn't get out of there fast enough, back in the "day", just prior to the place becoming the drug capitol of the Western World. Beyond the fact that there probably aren't a dozen people living there who were born there, most of the people I came into contact with were, literally, "on the take or on the make". I've been told by folks who are still stranded there that nothing much has changed.

    Miami still sucks, according to some. I can't imagine that much of anything has happened there, in the last 30 years to improve it. (As for the cops, it's more than obvious that things have only gotten worse.

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