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Al-Qaida rejects Iran's 9/11 conspiracy theories

• The Associated Press

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Comment by Ronald Whittaker
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 This is hilarious! Al Qaida is worried about it,s public image?You would think they would relish someone doing the blame game on the U.S.

Comment by Ace Karter
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The U.S. Government WAS the initiator of 9/11 . People write it off as rediculous because, Our government is SOOOO innocent of all wrong. Remember Pearl Harbor ? WHO do you dummys think innitiated that ? It ALL BOILS DOWN TOO ---- GETTING HOMELAND SECURITY into place. What is Homeland Security ? Well, do some research. Homeland Security was written in 1939 by None Other than ADOLPH HITLER . YOU figure the rest out. You ALREADY have your PRISON Number, Called SOCIAL SECURITY

Comment by Lola Flores
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"Al-CIAduh rejects Iran's 9/11 conspiracy theories" would be a more appropriate title for this POS purporting to be news.  We all know that there is no Al Qaida only a Machiavellian creation of the CIA for the purpose of waging war against the Arab world with impunity while controlling the sheep at home. 

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