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Most Aggressive Dog Breeds In The World

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While all dogs are potentially dangerous, some are more dangerous than others. Some breeds of dog are significantly larger and stronger than the average person, and it is the duty of their owners to use training and discipline to restrain their pets. Although socialization, training, and care can make an enormous difference, some dogs are by nature aggressive and violent creatures. Here it is the compiled list of the most dangerous dog breeds:

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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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they left on aspect of dogs they mouth pressure is 800-900 psi they dont compare to a hybred wolf aka wolf dog their and their predeccessors possesses the potential to snap your hand off but they dont that only in the wilds their mouth pressure is 1500-1800 psi 

and that they can rip a pit bull to shreds ever seen one left like that i have it is gruesome for they will protect their family and owners at all risk to the invader the female is protects her brood and pack even if it is cats or kittens they see as their pack members they are far more smarter than a german shepherd or any dog breeds



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