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What To Do? What can we as Individuals do to Free Ourselves and our Country?

• Vic Pittman
(SAN BLAS, Mexico) - One of my biggest criticisms of Neo-Con blowhards like Limbaugh and O'Reilly is that they whine and complain but offer no viable solutions. I have been guilty of the same thing. It is easy to point out glaring injustices and obvious wrongs, but then what?

Complaints without at least suggestions for solutions are a dime a dozen. The cartel of international bankers, weapons manufacturers, politicians, government "security" agencies and warmongering thieves is huge and can individual citizens effect any kind of change or improvement? By voting?

The one-agenda-two-party Republican-Democrat charade is nothing more than that..a charade. Take turns being the "bad guys" while the looting of the country and the world goes on unhindered.

Those who would say that the ballot box is the way to effect change need look no further than the last presidential election, when a majority of Americans voted for "Change" and what did we get? Guantanamo Bay closed? Not yet. Wars ended as promised?

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