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Feeding military/industrial cannibals

• Randy Alcorn/Right on Target

One of the most unconscionably stupid justifications I have ever heard for the U.S. continuing the futile war in Afghanistan was recently given by Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

When asked why we should not immediately end our military expedition into that medieval Asian backwater, Panetta told a congressional committee that to do so would dishonor the thousands of U.S. troops who have lost their lives in that war.

The U.S. must have victory in Afghanistan, Panetta says, otherwise how do we explain to the families of those killed that their loved ones died in vain?

I don’t know, how did we explain it to the families of the 50,000 American troops killed in Vietnam?

Following Panetta’s ludicrous logic, more American troops must be killed or maimed so the families of those already killed or maimed don’t feel embittered and disillusioned.

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Comment by David Jackson
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      This is lunacy. When the hell are the sheepole in th U.S. going to demand a stop to the phoney "war" on ideas, and stop the wanton murder of the young men and women of the nation, in the name of the greater good of a very few mindless morons who can't admit that they didn't and don't know what the hell they are doing?

      One American trooper is worth the whole lot of the sick, stupid, treacherous, and totally impotent social engineers who pretend to represent the United States and its people.

     It's time to protect and rebuild the United States. It's time to stop killing our future - literally and figuratively. It's time to clean house in the cesspool that we call Washington, DC.


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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It is bad enough that many will perish believing the BIG lie, but the real tragedy are those who, have, are now and will continue to do so, defending the BIG lie."

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