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The Awlaki Sanction: Who's Next on the List?

• by William Grigg (Pro Liberate)
The links connecting Anwar al-Awlaki to anti-American terrorism were entirely suppositious, forged through unsubstantiated official assertion. He was, at most, a clerical propagandist who never exercised command authority. For that matter, no evidence has been presented that he ever had an operational role in a military force of any kind. 

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Comment by TL Winslow
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Is this another Saudi-greased agitprop, or is this dude just confused by it?  Anwar al-Awlaki is a what, innocent sheep? Sorry, he's well known for outfitting the Christmas Underpants Bomber and publishing the rag called Inspire, which openly calls for jihadist attacks in the U.S. - maybe some are in the works right now.

The mistake so-called libertarians make with him like they do with so-called Palestinians is to fail to factor in the horrible ideology of ISLAM that turned him into an inveterate enemy of the U.S. people and Constitution, an enemy combatant bent on destroying us all, whose Constitutional rights he forfeited. Instead, he ended up wanted dead or alive, preferably dead, no different than in the good ole days of the Wild West, and for more reason.

Awlaki is a MUSLIM, and hence can't even be a true U.S. citizen who would fight and die to uphold the infidel Constitution. He conveniently renounced his so-called U.S. citizenship in spades when he moved back to the Muslim World to set up shop for jihad against the U.S.. Kudos to the U.S. military for capping his ass with a drone without getting their hands dirty. They even waited weeks to catch him isolated so they wouldn't zap any "innocent" civilian Muslims.

Of course the hard leftists and their pet poodle CAIR who have been opening the gates to mass Muslim immigration want all Muslims to have their Constitutional rights protected, even more than non-Muslims get, because that's a V for Allah in getting stupid infidels to submit to Islam and its world conspiracy to destroy all non-Muslim constitutions and nations and accept Muslim domination, without even putting up a fight.

Muslims would love to send us 500 million or so budding Yankee Doodles like Awlaki who demand full citizenship rights so they can vote to abolish the Constitution, tear down the idolatrous polygamous statues of our Founding Fathers, and set up Sharia and turn the White House into the White Mosque - failing that, they always have the option of going back to the Muslim World and setting up another jihad, and relying on their useful idiots in the U.S. to shield them every way they can by turning the Constitution on its head.

Speaking of useful idiots. Right now the PC media is betraying us all bigtime with their crap about the religion of peace, Islamophobia, discrimination against Muslim mosques, and Kumbaya singalongs in Christian-Muslim dumbfests - even though Allah's Quran declares Christians and Jews to be infidels headed for Hell starting with the first chapter.

Instead, Congress should declare a moratorium on Muslim immigration, and enact legislation that any Muslim who commits a crime against the Constitution should be either quickly executed by a military court or deported to the Muslim World, his/her choice.

In short, it's WAR, and playing ostrich with head in the sand is SUICIDE. Even if we never admitted any Muslims to our land, the Muslim World is closing in on us daily, as witness 9/11, only next time it will be NUKES.

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Speaking of Saudi-greased agitprop muddling the minds of infidel Westerners, here is perhaps the ultimate, good for a horse laugh or three, don't miss it, next year every U.S. school child will be required by the Obama admin. to recite it in class:

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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