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MSNBC Covers Police Brutality of Peaceful Wall Street Protesters

"An excellent piece of main stream coverage on this past weekend, I'm sure this video wont be up long, but figured the folks looking at the vids on this channel would appreciate it."

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Initially, I was led to believe - the so-called "mainstream" media reports - that the cops actually did their jobs, regarding their handling of the "protest". I should have known better - probably did. I was totally surprised at the coverage, since it was so far from the "new norm" of police "enforcement" methodology and philosophy, which has pretty much become "Do whatever the hell you want, because there is nobody who is going to call you on your abuses." (Most recently, I came to believe that the brutality and right violations, common thorughout the U.S., were matters of poorly chosen and trained personnel, being left to their own devices by a "power structure" that didn't know how or care to supervise or control their "hired thugs":  This is likely still a part of the equation; however, it is becoming more and more obvious that this is a purposeful reversion to the stunted enforcement model that used to be known as "Watchman". The misfits who are bringing the entire criminal justice system to its collective knees are doing so with impunity and encouragement from their "keepers". What is happening is that the smucks who profit most from crime - politicians and second-rate pretenders to professional status in crime fighting - are allowing the abuses and brutality, simply because they are the last resort of ignmorance and ineptitude, the two traits that politicians and phoney cops have most in common.)

     It's only going to get worse, as were are conned into believing that we ACTUALLY NEED to be tucked in by these perverts, more and more, day and night, or we are sure to be somehow overrun by enemies that we don't know, can't see, and are unable to defend against...BULLSHIT!

     You are, all, more apt to be injured or killed by a cop than by any "enemy of the state" or the United States! If you don't believe it, check the record(s).   

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