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Occupy the Federal Reserve Movement Launched

The Occupy Wall Street crowd has become predictably focused on issues like taxing the middle class and moderately “rich,” ending capitalism and even re-electing Obama to ‘fight’ the very elites who pushed him into power. Focus should instead be on the real source of power for the out-of-control bankster class- the private, unaccountable Federal Reserve bank that creates money out of thin air, issues secret loans to insiders and foreign governments and systematically institutes debt on the American people through their undue powers.

With this in mind, Alex Jones is calling on patriots to “occupy” branches of the Federal Reserve, with plans to appear at three locations in Texas this weekend in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. The times and locations appear below. Further, people everywhere should converge upon Fed locations in their area to raise awareness about the real culprit behind the economic crisis.


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Comment by James Eldridge
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"and even re-electing Obama" - No, no, no no. Please don't say that to people. Get him out of the White House and that heifer with him. If the very elites who pushed him into power what to keep what they have done already, then all they have to do is give him more of the pie and he will bow to their every disire as he has already shown to do. No, no, no, no, not another four years. NO.

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