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Wells family reacts to DUI charges dropped

As citizens you want to believe in the justice system and the police who are supposed to uphold the law. Case in point, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police.

But 28-year-old Ryan Wells says he's finished believing in anything IMPD does after learning the blood draw on Officer Bisard was botched and all DUI charges against him dismissed.

Wells' brother, 30-year-old Eric Wells, died after Bisard plowed his squad car into him August 6th.

"They completely botched this entire investigation from minute one," said Wells. "They're failures the public knows they're failures, I don't know what Chief Ciesielski said but he doesn't have the public's faith anymore. It is gone. The entire department is showing nothing, but corruption."
Strong words from Wells who grew up in Indianapolis and is heartbroken over the loss of his older brother. Their father is devastated.


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Comment by David Jackson
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      What did they expect? this has been a "typical" cop-culture cover-up, since the moment it took place. It's almost certain that the "cops" are thinking that, if they can string this out long enough, confuse the facts long enough, abuse the chain of evidence long enough, and discredit the collective memories of the witnesses long enough, they'll be able to get this creep off. (From the beginning, when the blood test was purposefully tainted and discredited, by having it handled by an "unapproved" laboratory, this has been typical "cover our asses" sideshow. What's most distressing is that the victims remain the victims, dead and otherwise, and the "criminal" is aline and free...Such is life in the shadow of the new gestapo movement.)


Comment by Powell Gammill
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They didn't botch anything.  They deliberately destroyed/contaminated the evidence against a fellow cop to get it tossed out.  Common practice--union endorsed.  A gang with a flag.

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