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New Hampshire Student Records Cop Abusing Fellow Student

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A New Hampshire high school student who video recorded a police officer smashing his friend’s head against a table was ordered to delete the footage.

But Mike, a 17-year-old junior at West High School in Manchester, was savvy enough to delete a couple of photos without deleting the video.

He then gave the video to Cop Block, who posted it online along with video interviews of Mike and his friend Frank, the student who was abused by the cop.


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Comment by David Jackson
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   First, I'd find a good criminal attorney and file on the asshole cop for attempted murder and child abuse.

    Second, the prick principal should be chargwed with theft and invasion of privacy. It's about time somewone did something about the self-annointed, social-engineering pukes who pass themselves off as'educators". The majority wouldn't know education if it bit them. Mostly they are self-absorbed, elitist morons, who couldn't find a fact or alibrary with both hands. As best I can tell, they prefer to teach "kids", because they can't teach adults...Adults would know them for the pretensious dilettantes that the are, and would likely put up with their arrogant crap.

     Is there anyone besides me who is sick of the lame abuse that authorities are calling education. Though I know better (it's not any different at "my" university), at some point someone is going to have to start teaching somehthing that students can actually use in the real world, instead of how to become a good little automatonic, taxpaying, somnabulistic, pad punching little wage slave and bedazzled, renewable, consuming money and power source.

     To the kids:  WAY TO GO! Sorry you don't have any adults in your life. If you can gut it out, the time will come when the assholes will actually be asking you for help. When it happens, tell them to f--- o--! 

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