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Alex Jones Consents to Tyranny at Internal Checkpoint

• Sharlene Holt, Musicians for Freedom

Editor's Note: Read this article about checkpoints in Israel for Palestinians.  America will be just like any other occupied country before too long. Even veteran activist Alex Jones backs down at checkpoints. Learn the difference between unalienable rights and privileges. Also, the Government of the United States is a private corporation.

Vengeancia This is additional commentary re: Alex's video where he goes through an internal checkpoint. Do you recall the third sentence in the "Declaration of Independence," which correctly declares, "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed?"

America will be just like any other occupied country before too long America will be just like any other occupied country before too long

ALL governmental power flows from the CONSENT of the governed. That means YOUR CONSENT, individually.

Also, please take a look at the 9th Amendment, which reserves all rights to the people. If you choose NOT to delegate your rights to the state of the union where you live, then you still have ALL OF THEM.

The Federal Corporation masquerading as a govt. is just like Wal-Mart, it's a private business. You have a choice to work at Wal-Mart or Target, right? In the same way, you have a choice whether or not you want to work for this Corporation, and be SUBJECT to its jurisdiction.

Imagine walking up to the counter at McDonalds. The clerk asks "May I help you?" You say, "Give me a hamburger." The clerk recognizes you as a customer, right? Easy. Now imagine if you say, I'm here to work for you. Then, the clerk recognizes you as a new employee/slave, gives you an apron and a broom, and takes you around back to punch the clock. Read more at SEDM.

Watch the VIDEO

Well, the same is true with U.S. Citizens vs. People. When the agent asks you, "Are you a U.S. Citizen?" he's lookin' for you to bow and scrap and become afraid and say "Of course." It's a PSYOP! Now the agent knows who you are and will treat you accordingly - as a slave.


But if you say, "I'm a people," the agent may not know what to do right off the bat, but as long as you are polite and explain that you do not consent, and hand him or her your Fee Schedule, and comply WITH PREJUDICE, you'll have a cause of action in a common law court for serious damages (once they do let you out of jail.) Never consent.

By the way, have you noticed that Judge Napolitano gave this monologue on 9/11 - September 29th, in the year 2011?

"What if the Civil War that was fought in the name of freedom actually advanced the cause of tyranny?" Judge Andrew Napolitano, Freedom Watch

It's time to learn the law and stop hiring attorneys, who will not help you be a "people," because they are all officers of the court, BAR certified. They work for the system, not for you. When you hire one, you'll waive ALL of your rights. Read this: Are You in Jail by Your Own Consent?

In my opinion, the reason why we continue to have problems with the Federal Corporation is because the majority of Americans have, by their silence and ignorance, consented to these procedures. And like Alex told you, it's just going to get worse. The American people are stuck in an abusive marriage with this tyrannical usurper and imposter. It's time to kick these guys out of bed!

Here's a sample Fee Schedule for Protection Against Corporate Abuse.

Download it, modify it to fit your tastes, and file it with your local authorities. Send a copy to your Sec. of State. Send a copy to the President. Give a copy to Hillary Clinton. Wallpaper your room with it. Tell everybody you know about it. Laminate it, and carry it with you in your car, etc. When you are approached by these pirates, whip it out and explain that you are more than happy to comply with their procedures. However, explain that you have unalienable rights, and as a people you are protected by the Constitution against interference in your enjoyment of your rights.

Americans, just like Alice in Wonderland, have gone Americans, just like Alice in Wonderland, have gone "Through the Looking Glass!"

How about the imposition of traffic tickets, income taxes, arrests for victimless crimes like smoking marijuana?  They're all here because the American people are presumed to have consented. Insofar as we've become the world's premier police state, we've done so with the consent of the American people who are sleepwalking through life right now, glued to their television sets, apparently. They are singin' songs, carryin' signs, and complaining. But they're not LAYING CLAIMS on their own bodies and their childrens' bodies. There's a big difference between complaining and claiming. Research it.

The Constitution is the LAW OF THE LAND; that means it protects people, all people, all races, colors, and genders, no matter where you come from, from interference from the govt. in these states of the union. Don't believe me? Read this article & note the language re: the land (soil):

"What we are doing is righting a wrong against people who are on the soil of Cook County under the protection of the U.S. Constitution," said Commissioner Larry Suffredin, a Democrat who supported the measure."

Dirt is MAGIC! Get off the political and legal grid. We can take this country back from the treasonous pirates who profess to run it as soon as we make up our minds to get up off the couch, and take the action required to assert our unalienable rights as people; not as citizens, slaves, and subjects. The people OWN THIS COUNTRY!

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