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WHY in the World are they Spraying?

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As awareness of these damaging programs increases around the world, theories about them include weather control, population control, morgellons disease, food control, etc. 

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Nobody can tell me that their is not one American Pilot,or,Ground Crew member that knows who`s flying these planes,and yet say`s nothing...the people that know who`s doing this,and say`s nothing,are people willing to Kill Their Own Children,and even their own Mother.

If anyone here has a member of their family in the Air Force...please question them about this spraying.Also! check them out real good to see if your love one has changed in any way after joining the Military.You mothers should be able to detect these changes.If Americans thing that this spraying can go on without anyone knowing about it,think again...and stop drinking the Cool Aid...NOW!!!

Comment by Ed Price
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Just another thought about the spraying...

Back in the 1930s, Dr. T. Henry Morray developed a transistor-type of electronic valve that could harness free energy from cosmic rays. This was years before anybody officially built the first transistor. He explained it all in his book "The Sea of Energy in Which the World Floats." This free energy could do all the work that is currently being done by the various electrical power plants, but on a small, home-by-home basis if desired - no power grid needed.

In the past, nobody had the electronic equipment like we do today. Now, Barbara Peterson has shown us a video about how you can charge your cellphone from free radio waves that are broadcast into the atmosphere all around us. See: Or go directly to the YouTube site:

What Dr. Morray spent thousands of dollars doing, someone might accidentally do today, by adapting some cheap, Radio Shack, electronic parts, as shown in the video. Might it be that spraying aluminum into the atmosphere significantly reduces the ability of any electronic equipment to "tune in" to the natural, free energy of cosmic rays like Dr. T. Henry Morray did back in the '30s?

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