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OWS leader in Los Angeles: Violence and bloodshed will ultimately be required, and the Zuccoti Park

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While the lemmings listen on, one of the "leaders" of the Occupy Wall Street protest in Los Angeles tells the crowd that French Revolution-type violence will have to be the endgame to get what they want! _______________________________________________ New York OWS protest "filth" update: The protesters have "won" by temporarily stopping the cleaning of Zuccotti Park. This means that they can continue wallowing in the filth and debris as if they were at a multi-day rock festival in the '60s. Judging by the crowd that is where they belong anyway! ___________________________________________ And the lemmings cheer because this is what followers do although these same followers could probably not tell you what it is that they want because in reality so few really know. But at the end of the day it is the leaders of Democrats, the unions, the socialists and the anarchists who, despite their disparate and separate agendas, will most definitely cajole and goad these crowds in whatev

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