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Victory for Occupy Wall Street

Cheers went up as the news that the cleaning of Zuccotti Park had been called off spread through the massive crowd at the Occupy Wall Street camp.

"We are the 99 percent!" the crowd chanted.

Only moments earlier, the protesters had been preparing the crowd for a confrontation. The plan was for those willing to be arrested to remain in the park, while others would cross the street.

"If you remain in the park, you will probably be arrested," a person speaking to the crowd warned.

Those remaining were told to find a "buddy" to stick near so they could watch out for each other.

Then, suddenly, the message changed.
"I have very good news," the speaker said. Brookfield Properties, which owns the park, had called off the cleaning.

Immediately the question became: what next?

One person proposes that the crowd "take Wall Street."

She warned the crowd that this would mean "smashing the barricades." for several weeks the police have cordoned off streets around the NYSE in several directions.

Would the occupiers turn their non-violent victory into a clash?

Soon it became apparent that this idea was not popular. Many wanted to celebrate, perhaps with a march, but not storm police fortifications.


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