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Who Controls the Police To Avoid Deadly Beatings & Abuse?

Internet Exclusive Video News Blog: 11:03 min
Release Date: October 10, 2011

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Los Angeles, CA Full Disclosure Network® provides "the news behind the news" in this interview with Bruce Whitaker, a Fullerton City Council member, who explains his frustration with the City bureaucracy. He describes how his efforts to get to the truth were stonewalled when he got inaccurate or incomplete information from the City regarding the death of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man, who was beaten to death by Fullerton Police officers.

Councilman Whitaker says the City officials should be held accountable when the government obstructs the flow of information to the City Council members who are their bosses. He says it is not OK for City employees to put out false reports and there should be consequences. He is calling for government transparency and for the City to make public the audio and video tapes of what took place during the beating of Kelly Thomas.

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Good luck with that...

 Since the police chief is always an ass---- buddy of the mayor, the mayor is responsible. It's a simple fact that there is nobody who will be held re3sponsible, since the entire system is a "loose cannon" confab of the worst that politics has to offer. (If a person or group is, at any point, held to some level of responsibility, it will likely be an officer who won't know what hit him, until he realizes he's been sold out.)

  It appears, if the recent past is any indication, that mayors, governors, state police, the FBI, an the various levels of the office of Attorney General have no interest in investigating and charging the guilty cops who "make their pathetic days" by abusing the rights of various citizens and the laws they pretend to "enforce".

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