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Hit By Recession Police Couldn’t Deliver

• McClatchy Newspapers
Some people hate police because they couldn’t deliver due to budget cuts. Lack of equipments needed to fight crime – and most important of all the absence of adequate training – led sorely equipped and poorly trained law enforcers to “commit errors” seen by cop-haters as “abuse”. Actually the ratio of good cops to bad cops is 10,000:1 – Weeder – best quote in the Web chosen by voters. The ones who Bad-Mouth cops are usually the fastest to call 911 when their butt is in a jam! This place would be over-run by Gangs in less than one week if it were not for those cops who put their lives on the line. Link Project America READ FULL STORY

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Comment by Ed Price
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Hey, guess what police are. They are PEOPLE, aren't they? And people all start out as babies who don't know much of anything, who only have latent talents, who need to learn the skills they use in life.

If the people, as children, were taught in the schools, respect for life, how to use guns, Constitution and RIGHTS, to say nothing about right and wrong as found in the 10 Commandments, we wouldn't have much, if any, need for police. The people would be self-policing.

Rather, school often suggests things diametrically opposed to rights and self-control, even if it doesn't directly teach such things. And where is the class that properly teaches what rights are all about under the Constitution?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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