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Budget cuts claim hundreds of thousands of county, city jobs

• USA Today

Local governments, once a steady source of employment in tough economic times, are shedding jobs in unprecedented numbers, and heavy payroll losses are expected to persist into next year.

The job cuts by city and county governments are helping offset modest private-sector employment gains, restraining broader job growth.


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Comment by David Jackson
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 When the hell are we going to se budget cuts CLAIM a few "political plum" jobs?

  Does anyone understand that all the trillion$ that have been squandered over the last 100 years would have made life just about everywhere in the world pretty good?

  Does anyone remember (who) how all that money was pissed away?

  I vote for FIRING at least half of the incompetent Senators, 485 of the worthless - no contest figuring who qualifies - Representatives, and simply clearing house on all other elected "jobs" - mandating that they take every single appointee with them, especially every appointed judge in existence.

  Tomorrow, we cancel every defense contract, bring our troops home, "close" all of our borders to all but LEGAL immigration, make EVERY foreign national apply for and "qualify" for a SHORT TERM visa for any type of activity in the U.S., and make a simple U.S. passport a requisite document for flying on any commercial airliner.

   We should terminate the tribute money we pay to our enemies. And, revisit every treaty that is still in force, on the same day we turn the UN into the expensive pay toilet that it has been from the beginning.

    The tax burden should be equitably spread over all society - being that it would probably only have to be about 4-5% to run the U.S., if the U.S. wasn't giving away the wealth of the nation and its people - and the real savings could be used to rebuild OUR infrastructure, instead of the infrastructure of Third World countries that we've helped destroy.

   We could realize a super windfall by simply bringing our troops home. (We should do this, even of it costs a bunch.)

   By the time we trim the worthless "Homeland Security Scam" of its waste and redundancy, we'll likely have more money than even the sh-------- in Washington can squander, since it would take some insight and creativity.

    Then, we should totally eliminate any involvement of of any level of government in the educational system, with the limited proviso of some financial assistance so kids don't have to pay to ride buses that they should never have been forced to ride in the first place...Oh...And maybe we could find a few cents to see to it that those who are starving to death in this "heaven on earth" might get a reasonable meal, every now and then, without selling their soul to some fatted bureaucrat.

     This is all possible, amongst so many other things, if the REAL WELFARE SYSTEM of government cons was to be eliminated - tomorrow.








Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

It's a slow start.

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