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What You Simply MUST Understand

I linked a Youtube presentation a couple of days ago by a professor who explained the exponent thing.  It was dry and I bet nobody went and watched the whole series; it was basically an hour long.
Yet if you don't understand this, you understand nothing when it comes to economics and the lies told by both the left and right.  You are not stupid, however: you are ignorant.
That ignorance is intentional.  Our "educational system", our bankers and our politicians intentionally fail to explain the fundamental concept explained in this Ticker for one and only one reason: Once you understand it - truly understand it - you can never fall victim to a ponzi scheme.  Not only that, you will never allow any society you are a member of to fall victim to one either, as you will recognize the inherent danger and demand that they be stopped and the people responsible either locked up or burned at the stake (after a proper trial, of course.)
Ignorance falls to education.  It is why we learn, hopefully, so we become less-ignorant.  As such I was prodded in email this morning by someone who said "you get this well for a non-scientist" and I had to reply in riposte: Ah, but I am a scientist you see....

Anyway, here we go.... pull yourself a nice Espresso and sit down for a short story that will explain why we're utterly screwed if we don't act and why acting to stop the progression of what is going in our economy right now is not an option - it is an imperative.


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Comment by Venancio Tan
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You are viewing a losing throw at craps.

This crap was posted by Karl Denniger, and reported by no less than the publisher of this website, that’s why it is so NOTICEABLE.

TO UNDERSTAND THIS POSTING, first you much understand who Karl Denniger is. He is an early member of the Tea Party Movement, and an active radical promoter of the "Occupy Wall Street movement". Known as an "oddball" of radical protests, he ridiculed – actually attacked – Obama and politicians by mailing tea bags to White House and to Congress, which made him looked like some kind of a Halloween trickster because here he is beating up the crap out of Obama and his elves in Congress, and at the same time praised and voted for Obama.

Denniger’s latest Halloween scare-punch in politic’s night of howling winds is described in this article as "economic exponential" destruction or "economic death" of a nation or the world through the so-called exponential growth of our national DEBT! [???].

Of course this is a virtual lie on TWO COUNTS: One, Education "does not" make us LESS IGNORANT contrary to what Denniger said [this poison is not mine], and two, contrary to Denniger’s admonition, INCURRING DEBT or having DEBTS will not and does not make this nation die – in fact the opposite of it has already happened … it made this nation the richest and the greatest on the planet!

This is a hard reality that radical doomsday opportunists, either in politics or economics, CAN NEVER ACCEPT. Why, because it kills their agenda … it kills the promotion of their self-interest, whatever that is.

Going to school to get a formal education and prevent Americans to become "ignorant" is a LIE, according to Larken Rose, a notorious Libertarian anarchist who preaches violence in the Web by inciting Americans to shoot all cops dead because to him only a dead cop is a good cop. He declared at least in this website that Americans who went to school to get educated are all ignorant SLAVES of the Government! He has a good exposure here at, which he considers as his own Libertarian pulpit from where he could preach his crap in writing to reach millions of readers!

Thus Denniger’s position in this article about Education saying that "You are not stupid, however: you are ignorant" implying that you have to go to school to get formally educated, amounts only to this and nothing more: If what Larken Rose is saying – and it is supported and published by – is true, then Denniger is a despicable Liar.

Let’s not forget for a moment that this nation HAS BEEN BORROWING a lot since it was founded by our illustrious forefathers because we have NOTHING when we started from scratch. The only way we could support [finance] our struggle to win our Freedom from England was to BORROW and INCUR DEBTS. We started to incur tremendous amounts of debts starting from the REVOLUTION and won our INDEPENDENCE from the Crown of England not only because of our patriotic fervor but also definitely because of DEBTS. The bigger the debt was, the better for the struggle.

Today, those $trillions of debts we have now are actually the current VALUE of the assets of this wealthiest and mightiest nation on the planet.

It is foolish to say that those "debts" are so huge they could never be paid! No debt will ever remain unpaid. They lied before, and they are lying now. The enemy within that attacked our national debts during the time of the REVOLUTION, was harping the same cock-a-doodle-do today. That was centuries ago. The so-called "economic exponential" destruction or "economic death" due to huge borrowing we were supposed to be facing in the days ahead never occurred. In this debt-death cock-a-doodle-do Denniger is lying.

The problem in this radical activist’s analogy comparing the giant economy of this greatest nation on earth to a small "pond" where the fish is going to die is like some kind of a story in Disneyland. I know because from the Academe’s Graduate School of Economics where I came from, Economics is my "pond" where I swim like a fish.

I must tell you what I knew: Denniger’s story is no different from the story of population-scaremongers who really believed like those Davidian Cult followers believed that unless their divine "Prophet" have sex or impregnate his own young girls from different teenage mothers he had cohabited to produce God’s children on earth, the world is doomed! The Government had no alternative but to burn down the cults’ compound to rid the country of that kind of diabolic plague.

The only thing Denniger is correct in this doomsday article is that if YOU ARE EDUCATED, you can never be stupid or ignorant to believe what he is saying. In reverse, he himself said so.


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