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Scientists: Deadly star could kill humanity next year

• Terrence Aym
It's name is Eta Carinae. It's a star—or to be absolutely accurate—a binary star. And it's getting ready to destroy anything within 50,000 light years of Earth. Although few have ever heard of Eta Carinae, if things go wrong—horribly wrong—it could be the final, gasping words spilling from the gnarled lips of the last dying humans on Earth. Once and for all, Doomsday really will have arrived.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Assuming that the energies of this exploding star travel at the speed of light, if they reach the earth today, that means the star must have exploded 7,500 years ago, since it is 7,500 light-years from earth. But that couldn't have happened. In fact, the soonest that the star's energies could reach us will be almost exactly 1,500 years from now. Here's why.

In the website,, the time when the stars were all placed into the sky by God was almost exactly 6,000 years ago - according to the Bible. That means that if the Star exploded immediately upon coming into existence, its energies have only traveled 6,000 light-years of the distance to earth, because 6,000 years ago is the time the star was placed there. We have about 1,500 years to go before the energies get here.

But the point is well taken. If there does happen to be some destructive force headed for earth at near the speed of light, we will barely see it before it is upon us.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Shouldn't the headline read: "Obama keeps promise to wipe out debt crisis"?

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