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What I Saw and Heard at the Anti-War Protest


Column by Robert Kaercher. -  Exclusive to STR

“Obama! Hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today!?”
That was the chant of many among the 200-300 anti-war protesters on October 8th, including myself. This was right in front of President Barack Obama’s national 2012 campaign headquarters, overlooking that most eye-catching of public boondoggles, Millennium Park, in Chicago, Illinois, right in the very heart of Obama Country.
Liberals, commies, socialists, infowarriors, 9/11 Truthers and yes, fellow pro-free market/pro-peace libertarians, gathered together at Michigan Avenue and the Congress Parkway to vent their frustrations and express their anger at the fact that the U.S. armed forces have now been occupying Afghanistan for an entire decade and Iraq for over eight and a half years. Several people stood up at the podium to express their outrage at the ongoing U.S.-supported Israeli occupation of Palestine and the merciless U.S. drone bombings and clandestine wars in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia. These included military veterans of the Terror Wars as well as local political activists.

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