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PHX Voluntaryists to BBQ and Communicate with Occupiers

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What Is Voluntaryism? Voluntaryism is a dual doctrine:
a) the belief that all human interactions should be voluntary; and
b) that the State is an inherently coercive institution, and therefore undeserving of any support. The voluntaryist understanding of the relationship between means and ends precludes both the use of electoral politics and violence. This is the distinguishing mark of voluntaryism, that we are, at once, both nonviolent and nonelectoral. Voluntaryism is at once an end, a means, and an insight. It signifies the goal of an all voluntary society, one in which all interaction between individuals is based on voluntary exchange, and thus calls for the abolition of the State. Voluntaryism represents a way of achieving significant social change without resort to politics or violent revolution. Since voluntaryists recognize that government rests on mass acquiescence (the voluntaryist insight), they conclude that the only way to abolish government power is for the people a

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