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D.C. Arrests Thousands for Expired Tags

• The Agitator
The D.C. police department has released preliminary statistics on the controversial practice of arresting drivers whose vehicles are unregistered or have expired registration. The numbers indicate that the practice is more widespread than previously thought, with several arrests per day on average.

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Comment by Anonymous
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I met a female psychologist recently who told me that when she was working on screening for police departments, that she left knowing that they literally look for men who are control freaks and immoral...  it is good for the private for-profit businesses that we call municipalities today.  This dynamic helps keep the prison industrial complex running smoothly, and their men predictable. 


Comment by Jerry Alexander
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A Cop will do anything he/she is told to anyone!Makes no difference if it`s legal,moral,ethical,Right,Wrong,or, down right inhuman. 

I would love to know how these low life scum bags are recruited,and trained.

If these scum bags has to stand in the town square to plead their case they would not show up.They would scatter like roaches when a light is turned on.

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