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Police pepper spray Haka dancers at football game (video)

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This one was brought to our attention. The line about the Hakka spreading to many nations.

We see this as part of the 7th Generation prophecy and the appeal of a total warrior dance is appealing to many people because they like the power in it. In a way it's humorous to imagine a bunch of pussy-ass LEO cops trying to figure out what to do when they see a Hakka because it's pure violence IMPLICIT. The Hakka is kind of a dance. It's not a "war dance" either. The Hakka is almost never used in war, it's more of a greeting or a verbal expression of values. It's not used in war because in war, you are kinda busy.

But the body expressions and face expressions are unmistakable: we are a warrior culture and this is how we dance.

Yep, that could set a bunch of country bumpkin asshole control freak LEOs with a small town budget pumped full of TSA and Homeland Security steroid funds into a frenzy and beat up on people for no fucking good reason.

"Oh Jesus Lord have mercy, they are acting like heathen savages"

Just gets your white-guilt thing going don't it Wasi? Just makes you scared don't it? The slaves are in rebellion and they might just un-man you and take your wife. All at the high-school football game. When all our daughters of the community just did their half-time cheer and we all felt so proud.

White people, you don't want a free society. You aren't prepared to live in one.

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