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What EU Leaders Must Decide at Debt Crisis Summit

Leaders of the 17 euro zone countries will meet again in Brussels on Wednesday to finalize a "comprehensive strategy" to try to resolve the region's sovereign debt problems. 
After reaching broad agreement on strengthening banks in the first part of the summit on Sunday, here are the main decisions they are likely to take on Wednesday to tackle a crisis that has raged for nearly two years and threatens the world economy.

Bank Recapitalization

EU member states accepted a European Banking Authority finding that about 100 billion euros ($135 billion) is needed to strengthen European banks, protecting them against losses on Greek debt and any wider contagion.

Private investors will be responsible for stumping up the funds first but if that proves insufficient, national governments will have to step in.

Only as a last resort will the euro zone bailout fund, known as the European Financial Stability Facility span#ExplainsLink a, span#ExplainsLink a img, span#ExplainsLink a:visited img, span#ExplainsLink a:visited { border: medium none; }, be used to provide funds to governments to help shore up the banks.

Final details will be approved by finance ministers on Wednesday and banks will be given until June 2012 to bolster balance sheets.

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