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Vet survives Iraq only to have skull fractured by Oakland police at protest

• The Guardian

An Iraq war veteran has a fractured skull and brain swelling after allegedly being hit by a police projectile.

Scott Olsen is in a "critical condition" in Highland hospital in Oakland, a hospital spokesman confirmed.


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Comment by David Jackson
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 Welcome to the real world.

  Who would ever have thought that a gestapo thug would take a chance on killing a citizen - especially, in the middle of "protecting and serving - by bludgeoning him.

   For those who continue to think they know so much about what it takes to physically control another human, and who think I'm nuts when I say that anyone who is willing to hit a person in the head is willing to kill that person, KMA, once again!

  This might just be another case of poor training...Who gives a s---! If you are going to give some impotent punk the authority to use any force against anyone, you damn-well are responsible for seeing to iot that that thug knows how to do it correctly.

   I probably missed the meeting and the memo, where we were informed that protesting had been upgraded to a capital offense. I'd like to see one of the do-good "progressives", who always bitch about rights and liberties, fork over enough money to see to it that the cop and the mayor and the department are sued into oblivion.  

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