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Is Jeff Bezos the New Steve Jobs?

It's hard to imagine anyone could possibly fill the enormous vacuum left with the tragic death of Steve Jobs. But people are searching hopefully for such a person. 
An article in The Wall Street Journal concludes: “Mr. Jobs's nearest analog might be one of Apple's emerging rivals, Amazon Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos.” The tech blog Gizmodo agrees in an article titled “Jeff Bezos is the New Steve Jobs,” while The Atlantic Wire adds its own story, “Techies All Agree: Jeff Bezos = Steve Jobs.” 

It's a tough comparison.

Jobs was, from the start, supremely passionate about creating amazing new computer products. At the beginning of his career, Bezos knew only that he wanted to be an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur. He found his path in 1994 when he began researching the Internet, and discovered that its phenomenal growth was like nothing he had seen before, “except for perhaps in a petri dish,” as he later said in a speech to Silicon Valley's Commonwealth Club.

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