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Stewart: ‘What the f*ck happened in Oakland?’ (Video)

• The Daily Show with Jon Stewart via

On Wednesday night’s show, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart shamed authorities in Oakland who used tear gas, rubber bullets, bean-bag bullets, concussion grenades, flashbombs, sound cannons or other forceful methods to disburse protesters.

“What the fuck happened in Oakland?” Stewart exclaimed. “What’s going on, Oakland? Chill out.”

“So, the city was concerned about a public safety threat so they did this,” he said while watching footage of protesters running as tear gas filled the streets and explosions went off in the background. “Seems a little heavy handed. Unless, was one of the protesters Godzilla? That would justify an attack.”
“Oh, are you fucking kidding me?” Stewart asked about a person in a wheelchair surround by a cloud of tear gas. “What do you think that chair comes on ramming speed? Come on!

Watch this video from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, broadcast Oct. 26, 2011.


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Comment by Ed Price
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Hawkeye: "... Where do they come from? ..."

They come from our elected officials hiring and training them to protect Government from the People.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Look at that Fat Slob in this picture.He would beat that woman to DEATH if told to.

Is this YOUR FATHER?Is this YOUR Brother? I would run away from home if he was my Father,or,change my name so my class mates wouldn`t whip my ass.

Just LOOK AT IT...LOOK AT IT`S can see the weirdness,like an Alien from another planet....and he`s YOUR FATHER...Lord help you.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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You see those things dressed in Black,with Mask? They are the problem in every city,and town in America.Who are these people?Where do they come from?Are they Real?Do they have parents,family,children..who are these so called "Agents"?What are they putting in the Salt Peter these day`s?

All one has to do is talk to one of them...very Freaky indeed.Those people dressed in Black could possibly be from somewhere else...they don`t even sound to one of them if you get a chance...they are very,very weird to say the least...Very Strange Beings for sure...and they have children..not sure about a mother,and father but! they do have siblings..of what species I have no idea.If you get the chacne..just look at one of them..scary!!!

Comment by Billy Mills
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Comedy Central Jon Stewart uses the word "F__k" very Freely. He probably has no Idea what it means or where it Originated.  It's in OUR HOLY BIBLE and it Pertains to ALL Ignorant People that Are HOMO's and LES'S and Other means of Being an ABOMINATION AGAINST GOD.   READ IT, SEE FOR YOURSELF.  "Forbidden Use  OF Carnal  Knowledge"  Did you all figure it out ????  It's there, F>U>C>K>         GOD Have Mercy on Your Miserable Souls. 

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