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Support for Second Amendment at Record High

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It’s bad news for gun-grabbers and other enemies of the Second Amendment – only 26% of respondents to a recent poll believe the government should ban handguns.

The poll is part of Gallup’s annual Crime poll, conducted Oct. 6-9. This year’s poll finds support for a number of gun-control measures at historical lows, including the ban on handguns, which is Gallup’s longest continuing gun-control trend, according to their website.

Gallup notes that the acceptance of gun ownership is not related to crime.

“In 2008, Gallup found widespread agreement with the idea that the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right of Americans to own guns. Americans may also be moving toward more libertarian views in some areas, one example of which is greater support for legalizing marijuana use,” Gallup reports.

“What’s interesting here is Americans are shifting to a more pro-gun stance despite high profile incidents of gun violence – like the Arizona shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others,” reports CNN in reaction to the findings.

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Comment by David Jackson
Entered on:

      There are no enemies of the 2nd Amendment, those who think they are are enemies of freedom, human right to (defense of) life, reason and common sense, free will, and every human being on earth. They are my enemies, because they want me to live in a violent world, without the tools or options that might allow me - if I so desire - to defend myself against any and all arbitrary criminal violence, including that visited on me by a government of despotic thugs from any part of this country or the world. That such people are cowards, goes without saying; however, since I have no desire to resrict their choice to "lay down and die", refuse to defend themseves or their families, become the unarmed slaves of authoritarion plutocrats and elitist egoists, and be victimized and abused by anyone who damn-well wants to, I have a great deal of reluctance when it comes to appreciating anything they profess as a reason or solution of any kind to any social problem. As I look around at the mental midgets who have come to believe that they somehow know how better to LIVE my life than I do, I'm mostly just sick. I'm around thouisands of such pathetic pukes every single day and, I'm telling yoou like it is:  They couldn't find their collective asses with both hands; they have absolutey no sense of the "real world"; they live their lives without any other purpose than to get laid, punch an I-Pad, memorize the latest lyrics to the latest crap that passes for music - some don't even now where the U.S. is on a world map; and, if they can find a seriously mentally defective female, they might try to get laid.) If this had been the collective mentality and conscience of the world in the 1600s, we Americans would still be trying to find a way to cross the Mississippi River.

     The really bad thing about all this is that they learned it from their parents. (These are the brain trusts who want to take away the rights of the rest of us to have as a choice the opportunity to defend our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and our country - which I can find on a map.

     I'd like to know just exactly how the menta midgets plan to "outlaw" firearms:  the last I looked, the "genie was out of the bottle"; there are billions of firearms in the world; contrary to popular myth, most of them aren't even manufactured in the U.S.; there has been an illegal trade in ALL manner of weapons for centuries; criminals will always have some form of firearm, since breaking the "law" is what they all have in common; anyone with half a brain and some tools can build a firearm in their garage; and, certainly not least, there will be firearms littering the lawns of American, within mere hours of the first wave of the "revolution".

     Talk about being on the wrong side of history!

     Where do these idiots come from - no disrespect meant to idiots; they are the products of the weak-willed nanny-state mental defectiveness that is the by-product of the current state of the educational system and media manipulation. They are they "future" of the end of civilization. They are kids and parents of the kids who pretend to be learning somethng in high schools and universities, all over the U.S. They  are the enemies, not of the Constitution, but of the free world and cognizant, intelligent, adult social interaction. They are the advanced guard of the whimpering, simpering, cowardly regression of our species to a time that actually (thankfully) only ever exsited in the dellusions of a few utopian fools and a couple of wannabe dictators.  

Comment by David McElroy
Entered on:

Lock and load! Open carry daily to support the Second Amendment! 

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