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Hacked From Above: A DIY Spy Plane Takes Flight

As drone surveillance ramps up worldwide, there is a new threat from above with massive potential to wreak havoc: the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform drone.*  This modified military drone was put together from parts legally obtained on the Internet by two hackers, Rich Perkins and Mike Tassey, who presented their work at a Black Hat conference back in August.

The on-board technology of the 14-pound drone has the ability to invade any wireless network, Bluetooth, or GSM, and wiretap, steal data, corrupt the network, or even shut it down completely.  Additionally, the creators pointed out that it can carry a 20-pound payload which raises the possibility of biological or radiological attacks.

But does this latest announcement reveal a weak spot in national security, or is it simply propaganda to usher in stricter Internet and communication controls with even more funding for the military-industrial complex to combat this "new" threat?.

These "hackers" are actually intelligence agency security consultants, which makes this display suspect from the get-go.  The story was quickly picked up by CNN (please click, embedding of this video is blocked), giving premium exposure to the DIY threat.  The CNN piece (introduced by Wolf Blitzer no less) is loaded with the usual propaganda about a shadowy hacker scenario where "you could be the victim."

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