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Doctors: Scott Olsen suffered brain damage and is unable to speak

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The Iraq veteran seriously wounded Tuesday night at “Occupy Oakland” sustained minor brain damage and has been rendered unable to speak, doctors said Friday, adding that he will likely be able to make a full recovery in time.

Scott Olsen, 24, was said to be otherwise lucid and able to communicate with his family by writing notes, but his ability to spell is also damaged

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Comment by Ed Price
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A peek at the other side. What if you were a bystander property owner or business owner in the area where a protest was taking place? Wouldn't you be a little bit scared for your property or business, and maybe even your health and life?... scared of the protesters, not the police, that is.

Being part of a protest that comes near property that has value is a dangerous position to place yourself into. Law enforcement is put on the spot, so to speak, in protests. Why? Because it is difficult to protect the individual rights of protesters at the same time they are protecting the individual property rights of property owners in the same place. That's why many raves - like Burning Man - are held in the deserts, away from any property of value. Automatic property protection.

The way to effect change is by voting. And the way to make sure that election laws are being upheld is to find out what those laws are, and then to observe ballot counting in action.

If the vote goes against you and your legal ideals, then you will not be given much benefit-of-the-doubt when you protest against what has been voted into place.

Comment by David Jackson
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      This is the worst kind of news. It's impossible to do anything aboutthis crap, and it's just as unlikely that anyone in authority will even attempt to. This is what we all get for our own cowardice; it's just a shame that someone who isn't a copward has to pay the price.

      Even if the asshole who beat him goes to jainl - which is too good for him - it won't do anything to repair (repay) the pain and suffering. The only possible answer for any of  this is to keep it from happening, again; and, make this case an example, by prosecuting the thug who did it, to the fullest extent of the law and beyond. The only thing that is ever going to stop the abuse of power is for those who commit the acts to be disciplined and suffer as much or more than their victims: the limp pri--- who do this sort of thing only understand equal treatment and getting their sorry asses in a jam. If the system would cease treating the gestapo punks as though they were some sort of "righteous actors" and start dealing with them like the punks, thugs, and criminal they are, much of the sate-sanctioned criminality and violations of the Constitution and the law enforcement oath of office would come to a screeching halt. It's time to hold the cops and their bosses - MAYORS, CHIEFS, SHERIFFS, TRAINING OFFICERS, ETC. - fully responsible for their malfeasance and criminal culpability.

     Attempted murder seems a suitable charge, in this case. Might add conspiracy to commit murder.

     The punks in the freak show that caused this, aren't fit to lick this Marine's boots! 

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