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No Freedom of 'Farm to Fork'

• Lew Rockwell

The health department hack returned, this time with local police. Thankfully, the police officers, not understanding why they were called, did nothing and left.

This is just another reminder that people are not free to make their own choices regarding their own health and food, nor are they free to voluntarily transact with others to maintain those choices. 

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Comment by Venancio Tan
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PureTrust is partly right and wrong … He is absolutely right when FDA and state health authorities see to it that people are protected from the dangerous food they buy and eat every day, and within their law-mandated power "eliminate" if possible, all "illegal drugs" that will go into their bio-system, in order to stay healthy.

In short, it is the health authorities’ responsibility and much more FDA’s duty mandated duty by law, to protect the public from buying farm produce harvested, prepared and serve as food not fit for human consumption, or not even fit as feed for hogs.

But PureTrust is off his usual good mark when he said that "We're gonna force 'em to be healthy, if we gotta imprison and kill 'em to do it!" This cynicism doesn’t work. The error is on lack of clarity.

I will help PureTrust clarify this error of lack of clarity: Everybody wants to stay healthy, which means that nobody in his right mind would want to be unhealthy. That being human nature’s natural desire in life, FDA and health authorities were created TO HELP – not "forced" – everyone in their natural desire to become well or to stay healthy.

On the other hand, who are the targets of quarantine, arrest and imprisonment …? Those who believed rather distortedly that it is their "freedom" to contract diseases and spread the epidemic of Salmonella, Listeria and E. Coli by drinking raw milk and by buying and eating unpasteurized milk products [it’s on record]. Infected, and when violently resisting to be quarantined, the result is worse than just arrest and imprisonment, especially for those contaminated freedom marchers whose concept of "freedom" is so perverse.

Who "has to be killed" in this process of protecting the public? Those who would shoot and kill police officers while doing their duty to stop a bunch of human malwares who like viruses or Trojans cause damage to our health system … and those who violently resist arrest with rifles and handguns foolishly pointed at law enforcement officers while doing their duty [survival – Zero].

It kind of strike me as something like retarded for anyone who fails to understand what the issue is in this critical debate. Some people kind of detour from the real issue when they argue about freedom to farm or about the freedom to eat and drink that has nothing to do with it. The real issue has nothing to do with or never a challenge to anyone’s freedom to farm or the freedom to drink or eat anything they want … that’s for politicians desperate to catch the television camera [Ron Paul’s Videos] – the real issue is about this distorted concept of freedom to spread an epidemic by taking any food anyone wants, i.e., by drinking raw milk and eating unpasteurized milk products they want that cause people to get sick [it’s on record], or by producing farm products and serve them as food not even fit for hogs [also a sad reality recorded and archived].

Comment by Ed Price
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The FDA is working hard on building a time machine so that they can travel into all times, past and present, just to make all peoples of the whole world, everywhere... HEALTHY. Not only does this include"healthizing" all kinds of foods, and pasteurizing all the milk, but it includes the elimination of all the illegal drugs as well. Their motto is, "We're gonna force 'em to be healthy, if we gotta imprison and kill 'em to do it!"

Comment by Anonymous
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Scary Freedom indeed!

Mr. Tan, what you are pointing out to the public really scares me. This freedom to farm and sell and drink raw milk has been originally brought up by an "unelectable" GOP candidate for president who millions believed just wanted to hug the limelight.

For my personal protection and for the protection of my family, from now on I will use my freedom to screen all the farm produce sold in the market. Since some of those had not been FDA-inspected or certified by health authorities as fit for human consumption, who knows they are not only infected but there might even be some needles or broken glasses hidden on those goodies the consumers might swallow. This is possible once FDA or health authorities are attacked, protested and thwarted from doing their duty to protect the public.

The UN had just warned that there will be an upsurge of terrorist activities either coming from within or abroad. Innocent-looking remote farms are perfect for this type of mayhem. Jared Loughner, the Unabomber or Timothy McVeigh are obsolete … their terror tactics had definitely become old-fashioned. Let those raw milk and farm-to-fork freedom marchers do their thing 24 hours a day or till hell freezes over. It is their right to nail their own coffin for as long it is not your casket or mine.

Comment by Venancio Tan
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This "Freedom" that scares the wit out of you …

Is this "Freedom" to serve farm produced meals to the public that are even "unfit for pigs"? According to health authorities, you can’t do that especially if you don’t have a health permit to serve uncertified food to the public which could turn out to be even not fit for hogs.

The issue is not a person’s right to farm, and not even the issue of where or how you farm or grow those foods – the issue being SKIRTED or IGNORED here is whether or not you are endangering the public by serving farm-produced food that had not been inspected or certified by health authorities as SAFE for human consumption. When you serve farm food to the public that is not even "fit for pigs", you are in deep trouble.

This is the case of Quail Hollow Farm CSA, a remote middle-of-nowhere farm in Nevada, about 50 miles north of Las Vegas. The farmer couple is drumbeating to the world that their freedom to grow, produce and serve food they want and in anyway they want [they claim as their "freedom"] has been violated.

As a lawyer, the only legal infraction I see if at all, is a trespass or an invasion of private premises when health inspectors came in without permission or against the owners’ will [without a warrant]. But then again health authorities came in on time before the public meal was served and saved the public from eating food products that were not inspected or certified as fit for human consumption. The preliminary finding was that the food about to be served was not even good for pigs.

Oh, boy, this is a scary Halloween story.

Comment by Ed Price
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The health official who was making the big stink over nothing, was probably a big food business puppet who got hired by a hiring agent who was paid off.

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