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Who's Afraid of Seven Billion People?

• The Wall Street Journal

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Comment by George Voit
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For a good start on population reduction, how about trying Bill Gates’ killer vaccines first on those "freaks"? It should start on their pregnant women so that at least their tribe will not increase.

To model their own anti-population campaign and to show that they are sincere on their advocacy of infanticide and genocide to stop what they think is the world’s "dangerous" population growth, they should not make love anymore to be sure that there will be no pregnancy at all among the members of their tribe, or see to it that their sex desire is completely suppressed. My humble suggestion is for them to see to it that the male members of their family cannot copulate anymore either by castration or by turning themselves into eunuch to make them more docile in their aggressiveness to kill or cut down those "extra" or "excess" population that their envisioned "ideal society" no longer need!

Comment by Anonymous
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Expose those anti-population freaks!

The need to expose "anti-population freaks" ["Anti-Social Freaks" -- Association. Of Demographers] is "imperative"; it is crucial to socio-economic planning.

"To kill in whatever way possible in order to reduce global population is the relentless cry of anti-population psychopaths on the warpath. Bill Gates helps fund worldwide infanticide – the murder of fetus inside the womb [ref. 1 in the Third World] – just to cite an example, while anti-social propagandists spread their population neurosis aggressively [Ramboism], creating fear that this world will end due to overpopulation explosion!" Roll back and read how those "anti-population freaks" are exposed: "The Global Population: Claustrophobics Would Kill For Space And Food Shortage" written by Bakadude [Date of Letter to the Editor 2011-09-22].

Comment by Ed Price
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Great comment, Powell. If all the people who wanted to reduce the population of earth were not so hypocritical, but did what the sign said, the whole world would be a much better place to live in.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I was going to post a new movement to limit the population to one child ala China's because we might reach 10 billion in 90 years. 

This fear of the Earth being unable to handle 10 billion people is demonstrable crap.  It could clearly handle 60 billion without blinking!  How can I make such a preposterous claim?

Of the 7 billion currently, 1 billion live in four cities in one country, India.  They have for as long as I have lived. And somehow they survive.  

Now would I want to live in those four cities?  Heck no. But 1 billion people can't be wrong. They don't have a one child policy.

This is simply a new world order control agenda.  To great a serf to master ratio for their pikle comfort.

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