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Latest EU Bailout Deal Not Meant to Work?


Then, you see, the conversation shall turn to the IMF's SDR currency-in-waiting and how the IMF should serve as global central bank, dishing out its incomprehensible basket-fiat currency to all and sundry. This is perhaps the REAL plan – or one of several plans, as it looks more and more as if the euro is going the way of the Dodo.

It is nonetheless an emphatic defeat for the Anglosphere elites who are determined to create a one-world currency as part of a new world order. Regional agglomerations of nation-states are supposed to be stepping stones to this structure and they are in place around the world – from South America to Asia to Africa. But the main ones that count the most are (1) the European Union that is falling apart before our eyes and (2) the North American Union, which is in such bad odor that even Bilderberg Boy Rick Perry has to deny its evident and obvious reality.

Blame it on the Internet Reformation that has informed residents of both Europe and America of the elite's deeply laid plans and their determination to have their global government no matter the cost. As predicted, the tribes of Europe are fighting back. And for all the false-flag protests now taking place in the US, there is a growing, stubborn antipathy to what the powers-that-be are trying so hard to accomplish.

Eurocrats in aggregate do not even have the strength of their own convictions. They voted for a trillion-dollar bailout package but then refused to fully fund it. Instead, they have declared that the G20 and China should think about coming to Europe's assistance.

Once the money has poured in, the fund is reportedly to be leveraged up to US$5 trillion, as if borrowing more money ever helped anyone get out of debt. The only salvation to be had is to allow the European Central Bank to print euros at will, as the US Federal Reserve prints dollars endlessly.


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