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Have you had enough yet? Join the national Constitution Lobby webinar, Wed., 11/2, 9 pm Eastern

Join The National Constitution Lobby
Conference Call!
  Wednesday, NOV. 2, 2011
** 9:00 pm ** Eastern

Agenda to be posted late Wed....


Join us for a Webinar on WED. NOVEMBER 2, 9 pm EASTERN

Space is limited.

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People in America are quietly moving to permanently institutionalize citizen vigilance.  What does this mean?  Join Bob Schulz and Judith Whitmore for a presentation on the idea of a Constitution Lobby established in every state, of by and for the People, to hold government accountable to the State and Federal Constitutions and the Rule of Law.  Come on the Call and find out how it will work!  

Learn from the People who have ALREADY DONE this in five states with more to follow. There is a place for every person who wants to advance this idea in their location.  America's FIRST non-political Lobby for those want constitutional governance restored to put our Nation back on track, regardless of what party we belong to or who we vote for.

It is up to We The People

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Raise up New Patriot Friends for America or give yourself or loved one a taste of the Freedom we yearn to once again enjoy.  Learn more about the Constitution; be inspired by the Founding Fathers as their journey to secure Liberty is recast in relation to events taking place around us as 2012 begins to unfold.

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