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#OccupyOakland protests - Navyman stands in tear gas


Uploaded by on Oct 28, 2011

This Girl was hit by a Rubber Bullet:

An AMAZING scene of One Man who swore an OATH to his country to fight to protect stands alone with his flag, and his Oath Booklet in front of Police attacking Protesters at long range, one Girl sits calmly meditating to try to calm the hate and aggression of these same Police, tell me, give me just ONE NAME of a police officer Injured in Oakland ? I have only seen defenceless young people injured so far in Oakland as of this writing on 28th October 2011 one Veteran is in Hospital with a Fractured skull, a young Girl has been hit is the face and Neck with Rubber Bullets, THE POLICE ARE OUT OF LINE!!!

Minutes earlier Scott Olsen was SHOT by the same group of Police, And the so called Protect and Serve Police never even lifted a finger to help the guy, worse still they fired tear gas into the crowd of people that DID go to his aid, so seeing those THUG police in this video makes me want to vomit. SEARCH Scott Olsen injured.

Also Search google for: "The Oakland Officer That Shot Scott Olsen" and also search for "Federal judge orders TN to stop arresting Occupy Nashville protesters"

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