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(Publisher: I just have to wonder why our Foreign Empire is not even mentioned?... so I go to Americans for Prosperity website and see this headline...
which includes Herman Cain and Rudy Giuliani and Andrew Beitbart... but not Ron Paul (After the publishing of this article I received an email from someone that should know, that Ron Paul was asked to participate and he declined, I totally understand why). So I did some investigation and called some people and newly discovered,... because I never cared enough to look before, that the AFP does not address Foreign Policy, Civil Rights or WAR in any way... by design.
Well, the short answer is that there is an effort to take over Mordor on the Potomac by filling up the marbled buildings with warmongers that hope to eliminate budget deficits and pay off America's debts by 'reworking' entitlement programs... over the decades,... without their elimination BTW. And they are arguing that this is possible WITH the Empire in tact, as long as they are in charge of course.
The video below is obviously from the left perspective and even from a foreign media network in the MiddleEast, AlJazera, but still not a mention of WAR!... Watup?)

(This link will help explain a lot )

Tycoon duos, behind an underground campaign to swing the balance of US power for Republicans.

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