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Israel must end the Gaza blockade

The blockade of Gaza and the boycott of Hamas, have not led to quiet for the inhabitants of the south. At the same time, the isolation of Gaza has augmented the international isolation of Israel and has contributed to a crisis in relations with Turkey.

This weekend the bloody ritual in the south exacted the life of a resident of Ashkelon, interfered with the lives of thousands of citizens and caused extensive damage to property. As in previous rounds, after the inhabitants of the region - on both sides of the border - paid the price of the violence a truce was declared, which was violated in short order. The spokesman of the military arm of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip announced that "the organization reserves the right to react to any aggression from the Israeli side," and boasted that "it is the enemy who will beg for a cease-fire."

For his part, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cited the Talmud at the government meetingm, saying: "If someone comes to kill you, kill him first" - and threatened that anyone who harms us will pay with his blood.


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Comment by TL Winslow
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Who writes op-eds like this, Bizarro the Clown?

In Gaza are a nest of Jew-hating bloodthirsty Allah Akbar ISLAMIC JIHADISTS who like to compare Jews to apes and pigs, and believe in the Quran's prediction that Muslims and Jews will be in eternal war to Armageddon.  A mere blockade is the least poor outnumbered surrounded Israel can do to protect itself from wanton murder and savagery. What  Israel really needs is to EXPEL all Muslims from the sea to the river and create a wide DMZ so it can see future rocket and other attacks coming. 

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