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Gold Is Nothing But a Metaphor for Fear


Gold Is a "Fear Index" That Must Come Down ... That's sort of how Don Hays views gold, as an indicator that's in the way of the next great bull market. It's also why the chairman and chief investment strategist at Hays Advisory wants and expects to see prices fall. "Gold, pure and simple, is a fear index," says Hays in the attached clip. "People try to paint it with a lot of different colors, but it's a fear index." – Yahoo

Dominant Social Theme: Gold is dangerous. It's just dangerous, man. Let's get rid of it.

Free-Market Analysis: Every month or two with the consistency of an alarm clock, some fellow on Wall Street or in the US government will come out with a statement suggesting that the gold is in a "dangerous" bubble or that people will be "harmed" if they purchase it.

It's surely a dominant social theme – that gold is a fiercesome and deadly commodity. In fact, the powers-that-be HATE gold-as-money and will do anything they can to rid the middle classes of its possession. The idea that anybody can go into his or her backyard and dig up MONEY is a real problem. The bottom line, of course, is that NO ONE should have access to money if it doesn't come via elite-approved channels.

You can make money in public schools, educating children into oblivion. You can make money on Wall Street, raping widows and orphans. You can make money in government, murdering tens of thousands in undeclared wars, incarcerating millions in quasi-private jails and terrifying hundreds of millions.


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