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Slavery and our Founding Fathers. This is the most eloquent defense of the 3/5 clause in The Consti

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Peak Freedom Forum proudly presents Dr. Thomas L. Krannawitter who answers the question: Whatever Happened to The Constitution? His eloquent defense of The Constitution of the united States, written in a time of worldwide slavery, illuminates how truly anti-slavery the document really was. He does not shy away from the 3/5 of a person clause in The Constitution; instead he tackles it head on in the cultural context of the time. Dr. Krannawitter brings our Founding Fathers to life as he explains how their personalities, experiences, and beliefs influenced the writing of what he terms "The Greatest anti-slavery document ever written."

This event was brought to you by Peak Freedom Forum recorded live in Colorado Springs, CO on September 30, 2011. Our heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Krannwitter for his eloquent defense of our founding document: The Constitution of the united States.

Dr. Krannawitter's latest book, Vindicating Lincoln: Defending the Politics of Our Greatest Presid

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