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SWAT Team Kills Marine Veteran at Home

  TUCSON (CN) - A widow says a regional SWAT team killed her husband, a Marine veteran, in a botched raid not even aimed at him, riddling their house with 72 bullets while she and their 4-year-old son were in it.
     Vanessa Guerena says police refused to allow paramedics to help her husband, 26-year-old Jose Guerena, after the SWAT team shot him repeatedly while serving a search warrant on May 5.
     "No shots were ever fired at members of the Pima Regional SWAT Team from inside the Guerena home," the widow says in her Pima County Court complaint. She says her husband was "peacefully sleeping in his bed" after returning home from the night shift at a mine when the police killed him.
     "After the shooting, the Pima Regional SWAT Team denied entry to anyone, including paramedics, into the Guerena home for over an hour."
     The raid apparently was aimed at her husband's brother, who did not live with them.
     Guerena says that the affidavit in support of the search warrant "misrepresented and failed to include complete and material information about Joseph Guerena."

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Comment by David Jackson
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      They are surely going to claim an exception, based on some perversion of a "good faith error". I'd ask if the search warrant was a DEATH WARRANT, as well.

       There isn't much she can do, unless she can get help from an attorney who isn't local and doesn't buy into the law enforcement mystique. These thugs murdered the Marine! They were (are) the prime example of an out-of-control and dysfunctional criminal justice system in the entire United States. It's time everyone quit falling all over themselves for a bunch of gestapo thugs, who are usually poorly trained and have bad attitudes to match.

        There is nothing "romantic" about armed criminals doing the bidding of elitist and tyrannical rulers. It is the lowest form of social consensus and cultural perversion.

         Nothing is going to bring this young Marine back to life...Isn't that the point? 

Comment by Joe Tittiger
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You've probably heard it before but we need to start charging these pig with murder and if the legal system can not even do that then the legal system be damned they need taken care of.

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