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The Competency of Human Nature

• Repairing the Scales of Justice
Finding solutions to the many social problems and entering a 2nd Age of Enlightment, is going to require a new course of action. One that we might not have even thought of yet. Create or join an octalog and not only advance your own abilities and potentials but assist the world as well.

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Comment by H. Skip Robinson
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It is not that I disagree with you on your basis generalization of mankind.  But look at all the great things we have done. You sound like you are ready to jump off the cliff or pull out the gun on yourself. We really have only the corruptive institution of govenrment to overcome and many of the problems, you note, will forever be eliminated.  Think of a fish rotting from the head down, rather than thinking it is our human nature that causes us to be rotten. Fundementalist religions embrace the corrupted soul theory and one reason I do not embrace any of them. We are taught and induced to steal, hate and kill one another for God and Country and you have bought into this dogma of no hope or potential improvements for the human experience.  Go spend some time trying to do something that would actually make an improvement and leave me along.  Go bother someone else.     

Comment by David Jackson
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      Back, again:  Meant to mention to anyone who might even care that "human nature" is an abstract. As for the competency of human being, its pretty limited by resources, opportunities, and the uncontrollable chaos that are all at the heart of everything that any of us accomplishes. Humans are mechanically-inclined and seemingly evolved to survive in the natural world - though we've pretty much done everythng that we can to ignore our true nature, in the "civilized" world. There is little to support the notion that we are capable of very much that could pass for reasoned thought, insight, broad intellect, empathy, cooperation, desire for improvement, most forms of altruism, a lack of hubris, or an inclination toward self-improvement. For the most part, at least amongst the "annointed", our proclivities tend towards arrogance, self-service, greed, laziness, subterfuge, entitlement, violence, envy, stupidity, lack of honor and integrity, criminality, mysticism, and indifference. We have no respect for our own history, our smarter and wiser ancestors (though few), or the lives and futures of children, neighbors, or fellow humans. We value little of value. And, we have all but destroyed the future of our kind. We might well call ourselves human, but we don't make the cut regarding "humanity". There is no reason to believe that we will live long enough to evolve to any viable level of "enlightment". Give it a rest! 

Comment by David Jackson
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     A 2nd Age of Enlightenment? Give me a break!

     Most of the world - "humanity"- hasn't even joined the first one. We are so far from any form of "enlightenment" that we can't even pretend to be gearing up for a second round, at least not with a straight face.

      If you want to join something, embrace the New Common Era that you already are a charter member of:  This is not a "biblical" reference to anything. It is a period in time where the most common of men and women are doing the most common of things, and are being rewarded for their "efforts". It is, more appropriately, the end of civilization as we have come to know it.

       We are experiencing the travails of our current time because the "powers that be", and remain, had their collective head so far up their a-- that they find either with both hands. They engineered a social, political, and economic systematic control of the world's resources and people, then they were too greedy and patently stupid to make it functional. anyone who somehow has come to believe that politics or economics are some sort of "act of god", is a fool and has likely benefited a great deal from the contrivances of mass brainwashing (education and religiosity) that some think can be positively influenced or reversed.

     Face it , folks, we've been sold the universal Brooklyn Bridge, and the infrastructure is in shambles. (I catch a lot of flak for this evr time I bring it up:  If you need a viable scapegoat, try the "boomer" generation. We were the last, great hope, and we dropped the ball. Boomers take exception to my thesis, but I know better - I was there, and I'm still here. We probably killed the best of our kind in Vietnam; they sure as hell didn't go into politics or become teachers or professors. Though many managed to sell out the rest of us and our (your) children and country for a place at the table or a jobe with the "man". To all my friends and foes...KMA!   

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