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Update Your Gadgets For Daylight Saving Time


Remember the days when adjusting for Daylight Saving Time involved manually dialing the minute hand on all the clocks back or forward 360 degrees? We don’t either. Nowadays, if a stranger asks if you have the time, you’re likely to reach that be-watched arm into your jacket pocket and look to your phone for the results. But owning of a plethora of time-telling-capable gadgets is likely to be accompanied by that odd stage of confusion right around Daylight Saving Time when no one seems to know what time it actually is. And even though lots of devices maintain time automatically now, it can still be overwhelming to trudge through your Settings menus trying to make sure you wake up at the right hour the next morning.

Fear not; this guide will walk you through getting a grip on Daylight Saving Time and lead you through the basic steps of configuring any device you have, just in the nick of time.

1 Check For Automatic Configurations 2 Know When To Switch 3 Adjust Gadgets With Retrevo Manuals 4 Cars 

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